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By issuing a valid Purchase Order, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of InfiniteVac, LLC. A Purchase Order may be cancelled only with the expressed, written consent of InfiniteVac, LLC ownership. If consent and permission is not given by InfiniteVac, LLC, the Purchase Order will be considered a legal, binding contract and will be treated accordingly. Once an order is filled by Infinitevac, LLC, an invoice will be issued, upon which terms for payment (NET, COD, etc) are stated. Should the invoice not be paid on time, a grace period of five business days will begin. Afterwhich, should payment still not be made, a 10% late fee will be added per month not payed.

Any equipment submitted for repair and left at InfiniteVac, LLC, for a period of 6 months without contact will be considered surrendered by the customer and will become property of InfiniteVac, LLC.


Costs affiliated with shipping TO AND FROM InfiniteVac, LLC are solely the responsibility of the customer. Quotes for Sales or Services are given minus any shipping costs unless indicated by our sales team member. “Drop-Shipping” is also available upon request.



-Purchases of Refurbished Items: Once a valid Purchase Order is received from a customer, a refurbished item will be shipped 24-48 hours upon receipt of a valid Purchase Order, depending on availability/stock. Should an item not be readily available, please allow for up to 10-15 working days for completion of the refurbishment. 

-Purchases of Parts and Accessories: Call for availability of certain items. Some items may not be readily available on our shelves or our vendors shelves so shipping times may vary slightly. If available, they will be shipped within 24-48 hours upon the receipt of a valid Purchase Order.


-Repaired Items: Once a valid Purchase Order is received from a customer, a refurbished item will be shipped 10 to 15 working days* after the date of receipt of a valid Purchase Order.


*An item may be expedited, per a 30% additional charge, with the consent of InfiniteVac, LLC and an updated Purchase Order from the customer reflecting the additional charge. An expedited order will be shipped 7 to 10 working days after the date of receipt of a Purchase Order, or sooner if possible.


There is up to a 1 year (depending on product) limited warranty on all Refurbished/ Repaired pumps, covering faulty parts and/or assembly error, beginning the day the unit is delivered. This warranty does NOT cover customer misuse. The unit in question must be used within the specified means determined proper by the OEM.


                   **Over-contamination of the unit is not covered under OUR warranty**


If the unit in question is found to be within the warranty guidelines, the issue will be addressed at the expense of InfiniteVac, LLC and will be either fixed or replaced, whichever is deemed the best possible solution for both parties involved.

Items damaged during shipping to/from InfiniteVac, LLC need to be addressed immediately with the carrier/freight company in question.

If an issue should occur, contact InfiniteVac, LLC immediately with your concern prior to sending/returning the unit.

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